"After our first conversation, I felt tremendously motivated to get started on my new game plan." Julie Haughey

"Deep Dive"

Feeling a bit stuck and interested in uncovering your core strengths to spur you into action? Join Meg for this powerful 90-minute experience via phone or Skype where you uncover your innate gifts and how best to express them in the world.

What's In It For You?

  • A boost of inspiration to help you identify inspiring possibilities for your life.

Cost: $189.00
Upon registration, you will receive instructions for online pre-work to complete prior to the call.


Are You In Survival Mode? Feeling depleted and putting yourself at the end of the line? Is the concept of a loving and healthy boundary something new to you? Join Meg for 6 weeks of Extreme Self-Care to boost you into Thrive Mode!

This program is designed to help you to:

  • Wake up refreshed, restored, and refueled.
  • Organize and "Beautify" Your Environment.
  • Identify and Communicate Your Preferences/Needs
  • Feel Inspired AND Grounded

What's In It For You?
As you shift the energy within yourself and your environment, you'll begin to notice people, opportunities, and experiences begin to show up with ease.

Six 60 minute sessions via phone or Skype.
Cost: $1200.00

"The Reset"

Somethings Gotta' Give and you are ready!
This is your opportunity to be the predictor of your own future with the choices you make today.

Join Meg for this 9-week program based off of her work with Laura Day, intuitive and author of "The Circle: How The Power Of A Single Wish Can Change Your Life" where you will:

  • Define One Key Goal (don't worry... you aren't leaving the rest behind!)
  • Uncover Your Super Powers
  • Remove Physical and Mental Clutter
  • Create Daily Practices The Build Energy
  • Practice Extreme Self-Care
  • Address Energy Burners
  • Believe and Trust Your Own Intuition
  • Get Clear On Your Purpose

What's In It For You?
Think of this as a retreat for your mind, body, and soul...and without the travel costs 😊

Workbook and weekly homework included.

Nine 60 minute sessions via phone or Skype.
Cost: $1800.00

"I can now fully experience joy daily and trust co-creation within." Susan Holtham

"I will forever be grateful for as I now take my business to the next level with confidence." Bridget Reilly, Founder of "Life Story Recording"