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"When people ask me what I do, I ask them 'Have you ever woken up completely overwhelmed with your life?'....we get stuck in our heads, hearts, and bodies... I help people get their sparkle back."  M Magazine

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Do You Ever Feel...

Stuck in your career? Worried about making the wrong choices? Hopeless about finding love? Angst about the future? Overwhelmed? Exhausted with your life? Left behind?

At This Moment Are You Ready...
To start using your energy in a practical, effective, and powerful way? To take your life to the next level? To claim the life and career you truly want and love? To get excited about living? To be OKAY (more than okay!) with you, your choices, and who is in your life?


"Wisconsin’s own ‘Brene Brown’! Hugely warm, self-deprecating and funny!" Frances Kulutbanis

“The way you talk, it was as if I had a friend speaking to me on that stage!” Stephanie Heitz, Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant

Today’s Gem: When The Need To Control Is Out Of Control

Have you been called a Control Freak? Micro Manager? Bossy Pants or Chiefy?? I've been called ALL OF THEM! It finally dawned on me perhaps it might make sense to investigate... and try to get control of this control issue 🙂 What I discovered was my need for everything...

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Today’s Gem: Your #1 Super Power

Who is your favorite Super Hero? Mine was Wonder Woman... that is until my Mom bought me a wonder woman swimsuit at the age of 9. Unfortunately, the boys at the West Side pool in my hometown relentlessly teased and taunted me shooting their wrists in the air dodging...

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Daly Gem: Are You In Denial Over The Disruption?

Are you experiencing disruption in some area of your life? Maybe it's in a relationship, your job, or well-being. You can't pinpoint it but something isn't right. Are you in denial of it for fear of the pain that will inevitably come? Of course you are... we all are!...

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