Today’s Gem: When Getting Your Head In The Game Isn’t Enough

During a recent workshop, I had one of the participants ask me, "I know what I need to do.... why can't I get moving and begin?"

My response to this age-old question and one I can struggle with as well is... GET OUT OF YOUR HEAD. (Sorry- I don't mean to yell but it's the truth!)

When we stop thinking/planning/analyzing and instead choose to get our HEART in the game, that's when the magic happens.

What I mean by this is tap in and tune into what drives you, inspires you, and creates a sense of purpose in your day. In essence, wake up and intentionally create your experience!

Here are a few easy breezy tips:

1. Remove the perfectionist costume. If you suffer from analysis by paralysis, stop judging yourself for not being perfect, get over yourself, and get in the game! Instead of using this idea of everything having to be organized and 'just so'... be okay with "okay" and just get moving. The momentum this simple action creates is what will continue to drive your energy and action.
2. View your time as currency and spend it wisely. Do you really want to go to lunch with the person who tires you? Is it worth your time to scroll through social media contemplating how your life doesn't measure up to everyone else with the perfect body, spouse, and latte? Treasure your time.
3. Care about how you want to feel. Imagine tuning into how you actually feel about a person, situation, or choice in front of you... and caring enough about yourself to make decisions that align with how you really want to feel. When you tap into your desired feelings, it's like a supercharge boost that can push you into action.

I'd love to hear from you on tools and tips that help spur you into action!!



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  1. Ann

    I think of the Nike tagline, “just do it”. Jump in, get started. You can always redirect. You will never finish if you don’t start. Also reminds me of my response when people say Mondays are so hard. I always say “you need Mondays to get to Fridays”.

    • Coach Meg Daly

      Love this Ann! So true!!

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