Today’s Gem: When The Need To Control Is Out Of Control

Have you been called a Control Freak? Micro Manager? Bossy Pants or Chiefy?? I've been called ALL OF THEM!

It finally dawned on me perhaps it might make sense to investigate... and try to get control of this control issue :)

What I discovered was my need for everything and everyone to be OKAY resulted...

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Today’s Gem: Your #1 Super Power

Who is your favorite Super Hero? Mine was Wonder Woman... that is until my Mom bought me a wonder woman swimsuit at the age of 9. Unfortunately, the boys at the West Side pool in my hometown relentlessly teased and taunted me shooting their wrists in the air dodging imaginary bullets... remember her super powered...
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Daly Gem: Are You In Denial Over The Disruption?

Are you experiencing disruption in some area of your life? Maybe it's in a relationship, your job, or well-being. You can't pinpoint it but something isn't right. Are you in denial of it for fear of the pain that will inevitably come? Of course you are... we all are! Who wants pain of...
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Today’s Gem: Are You An Acceptor Or Rejector?

We recently had dinner with my parents and good friends when something my Mom said had us roaring with laughter. One of them mentioned it would make for a good "gem" so I thought I'd share... The topic of conversation was about a corporate building recently erected. We were discussing the company who built it and...
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