Daly Gem: Are You “Baking The Bread?”

One of my clients has a brilliant way with metaphors and analogies. One of my favorite is this idea of "baking the bread" as it relates to work.

Think of all the responsibilities within your job as ingredients to a secret recipe. When all are given adequate attention and added in each day, the results are probably things like efficiency, engagement, and communication.

If we forget a few key ingredients (like listening, asking powerful questions, and resisting the urge to make assumptions) the "bread" won't bake... or in other words, the results simply aren't there.

Many times it's the little things we neglect that begin to add up. Maybe we aren't checking the temperature of our teams... or we aren't giving our full attention to the tasks at hand (hello social media distractions/phone ringing/people interrupting our flow, etc) and before we know it, we are spinning around playing catch up.

On the other hand, when we take pride in our work, nurture our expertise with ongoing learning, and support others so they can "bake their bread" too not only do we thrive, but the rest of organization rises as well!

What metaphors do you love to share? I'd love to hear them... or better yet, be a guest blogger for one of the Daly Gems!

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