"Intuitive. Insightful. Inspiring..."~ Dan McDermott, von Briesen & Roger, s.c.


"Do you ever wake up feeling stuck or exhausted with your life? I help people bust out of that mode by expanding and moving forward. I view myself as a sounding board, an accountability partner, and an overall champion for my clients... with no agenda other than their success.

What kind of energy or "vibe" do you show up with each day? Does it perk you up... or bring you down?

We all have the power to achieve personal and professional goals by waking up, getting clear, and getting real about where we are at... and where we want to be.

I partner with individuals at pivotal points within their lives. Something has happened where they begin to reevaluate the "status quo." They are ready to start consciously choosing, noticing opportunities, and taking action to ultimately bring their goals to reality.

I work as well with companies who understand that culture is a key core strategy in employee retention and increased profits. They find value in the variety of assessments, 1:1 private coaching, and group facilitation workshops I offer throughout the process.

"Meg has coached my staff, and I have seen those people grow professionally and personally.  They come away from coaching with an enlightened perspective - -and they are energized with a renewed sense that they can do anything! The results of the coaching are clearly visible to me as I can see the positivity in those who know her.  I have been extremely pleased with the results I see in those on my team who have coached with Meg." ~Wendy Slocum, President, Burke Properties

I've witnessed firsthand the results achieved once individuals are able to fully identify and capitalize on their strengths. Quickly, the energy shifts. The results? Positive momentum with identified goals, less mental and physical "clutter," and a real action being taken each day towards increased success.

Are you or your company in need of a "Culture Check-Up" with accountability from from someone whose only agenda is your success?

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Why Hire Meg?

My approach is centered around respect, accountability, and having fun throughout the process! It's pretty simple, but at the core, people want to be happy. In their lives and careers.

Clients describe me as effective, straightforward, and genuine. I have the ability to effectively and quickly tune into the challenges/opportunities, create trust, and inspire individuals to move beyond self-limiting beliefs and instead towards action and results.

Happiness isn't the "fluff stuff." It's a powerful strategy to create a life and career you love!

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