"Intuitive. Insightful. Inspiring..."~ Dan McDermott, von Briesen & Roger, s.c.


How do you want to feel in your life?

When I say that I mean at your core, at the end of the day, with family, with friends, with colleagues, with clients, by yourself... how do you really want to feel?

For me, it's "Inner Serenity" defined as "feeling aligned with what I think, say, and do... resulting in a whole lotta joy."

What lights you up? What are you "irrationally passionate" about?

For me, it's this idea of "Extreme Self-Care" which embodies a multitude of powerful strategies and tools to essentially mother yourself to success.

What are you here to do?

For me, I am here to learn and share with others about intuitively tapping into their own wisdom and loving themselves unconditionally.

Sounds "woo woo" and corny? You'd be surprised the "type A" career driven people I work with who are able to launch their lives and careers to another level once they go back to square one and figure out how to love themselves plain and simple.

What parts of yourself do you hide (and also where judgment and shame cohabitate)?

For me, it used to be neglecting my body and mind with toxic behaviors and thoughts which created a negative ripple effect to all areas of my life.

Do you love the way you live your life?

Do you live in a way that allows you to saver the moment or rush through the day in survival mode? Do you wake up excited for the day or exhausted before your feet hit the floor? Do you speak up for what you need or live small so other people get what they want instead?

For me, years ago the answers would be N/A because they weren't even on my radar. I was too busy burning energy through anxiety, worry, stress, and co-dependency. Today is something entirely different. Today those who know me would agree that joy, self-introspection, intuition, self-love, rituals, self-care, connected spiritually and living mindfully is what I shoot for.

"Meg has coached my staff, and I have seen those people grow professionally and personally.  They come away from coaching with an enlightened perspective - -and they are energized with a renewed sense that they can do anything! The results of the coaching are clearly visible to me as I can see the positivity in those who know her.  I have been extremely pleased with the results I see in those on my team who have coached with Meg." ~Wendy Slocum, President, Burke Properties

So here we are now.

Imagination+Choice=Something New (and wonderful)

My work involves helping people tap into their own imagination and intuition to create a vision, make choices that line up with that vision, and act on those choices.

Often, what it takes is a moment of clarity or the realization something's gotta give. When you get to the point of craving a "reset" in life through discontent or anxiety, those feelings are simply alarm clocks waking you up to the idea of living in a new way.

The answer really is quite simple...you just need a "reset."

The tools, knowledge, and answers already exist within you. They've always been there and they've never left. You just need a refresh.

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