Today’s Gem: 3 Habits For A Rockin’ 2018!

Ready to use three simple tools to step into the year with ease and keep the vibe going? Look no further!

Imagination: Otherwise known as daydreaming, this tool holds a lot of power. Remember being 9 years old and becoming lost in your thoughts? Rather than chasing success and pushing harder, tap into your imagination during these key three parts of the day when your superpower is on fire. I call it the "3 B's":
* Bed
* Bath
* Bus
The moments in BED before you fall asleep or in the morning as you wake up. The time in the shower/BATH, or when you are on the BUS (or car) on the way to work, errands, or school. Your mind is fertile ground for new ideas for projects or resolutions to issues when in these modes... so take advantage of your "chill" time!

2 is going to get a lot of groans... but I'm including it anyway.. so there!

Meditation: So often people say "I tried it and I am NOT good at it." The reality is, no one is "good" or "bad" at meditation... that's why they call it the PRACTICE of meditation. Whether it's 90 minutes or 2 minutes consistency is key. Even if you can grab 30 seconds of silent bliss in the grocery line go for it! Also, for all you who say your mind is like an active monkey hopping around while trying to mediate, that's actually a good thing! The MORE your mind wanders is, in essence, giving you the opportunity to bring it back to "quiet time" and every time you come back to the "zen" moment, it's like building that meditation muscle. It gets stronger and stronger from you doing a mind wander, then coming back, etc. ... so no excuses 🙂

And the 3rd is quite simple... but not so always easy to execute:

Consistency: Simply using your two "superpowers" from above along with any other tools that work for you is 90% of the work. Don't go for perfection but simply doing it. If starting a "formal" meditation practice is tough, just commit to sitting up in bed with a pillow propped behind you for 2 minutes. If your imagination is buried so deep throw on some tunes in the car and let your mind wander. It doesn't have to be time blocks of hours in your day... just a few minutes. Consistency, not quantity is the magic trick.

Grateful for you and glad you were with me today.
Have a great weekend!



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